100th day of school writing activities for kindergarten

But wait, you MUST dress up for the th day of school! Again with the skip counting! True story. Book Boxes are another fun way to get kids excited about reading.

Suggested Lead-in Activity Begin your centennial day celebration on the first day of school by introducing the number one to students.

100th day of school stations

Luckily, we dodged that this year and were able to celebrate on a day after our long Presidents Weekend so I had a bit of time to plan and prepare.

Once all the students have had a chance to guess which group has in it, proceed to count each group. Students will explore what items look like. We also have a new th Day Of Kindergarten creation that is a fun, star theme!

100th day of school ideas for parents

Laminator or clear contact paper Book-binding materials Call students to the reading circle. Writing The th day of school is the perfect time to throw in some creative writing. Simply add your email to the box below and it will be sent to your inbox! Let students use a template to create an entirely new design, complete with details and writing. As I spread the stations out over my small room, it dispersed the noise and gave students plenty of space to complete their activities. So when it came time to hiding Kisses in my room, they knew exactly what to do. We also have a new th Day Of Kindergarten creation that is a fun, star theme! Point to the number after it is hung, say it, then have students repeat the number after you. Another great idea is to have your grade level come up with reasons why we love kindergarten or your school! This is one of my favorite th day of school activities! Usually we stumble on them a few weeks or months later! For our word writing activity, we choose 10 categories.

Plug this free printable mini book into your lesson plans. Present the various items you have gathered and ask the students to tell you which one they think has and explain their reasons.

They bring it to me, identify the number and place the Kiss on the correct number card. Both are great and fun. Creating interactive and enjoyable lessons that invite students to participate is the quickest means to having students counting to and beyond.

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Great Kindergarten th Day of School Lesson Plan