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One of the most persistent canards of highbrow criticism is that greatart should not be easy. Stern moves through the streets of Krakow, hiring Jews for Schindler.

By the end of the war, he had risked his life and spent his fortune to save those Jews and had defrauded the Nazis for months with a munitions factory that never produced a single usable shell.

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Spielberg gives us a Nazi prison camp commandant named Goeth Ralph Fiennes who is a study in the stupidity of evil. The full measure of Schindler's obsession is that he wanted to save Jewish lives and produce unusable goods--all the while wearing a Nazi party badge on the lapel of his expensive black-market suit. We are looking at the actual survivors and their children as they visit Oskar Schindler's grave. Shakespeare's trick of contrasting tragedy with comedy is not simply effective storytelling; it is a view to a more realized universe. You can make propaganda about love, like "Love Story" or "English Patient"; you can make propaganda out of character, like "Patton" or "Lawrence of Arabia. Since it has been called a masterpiece so often already, it may seem churlish to say that Schindler 's List has quite a few flaws. Ultimately, the film is memorable as much for simple testimony as for the cinematic art it displays. But you never get the feeling that Schindler 's quiet and insistant heroism was the single justification for his untidy life, proving that even the least of us are capable of saving ourselves with one mitigating gesture.

The movie is brilliantly acted, written, directed and seen. The Nazis accept his bribes and assume his purpose is to enrich himself through the war.

The film as Spielberg made it is haunting and powerful; perhaps it was necessary to have a one-dimensional villain in a film whose hero has so many hidden dimensions. If no mere movie can become an "absolute good" - to borrow Stern's description of the list itself - then by a popular motion picture about the Holocaust had become an absolute necessity.

One can define propaganda objectively as a sort of forced perspective, a narrow range of potential reactions for the viewer. Soundtrack is also great, making it an even more touching movie. Popular Blog Posts.

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Schindler's List Movie Review