Administrative theory

Order: people and materials should be in the right place at the right time.

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This depends on the volume and size of an organization including its hierarchy. Its application to health care coincided with the growing expenditures that were being used due to the progress of technology and an aging population.

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Scalar Chain: Line of authority from top management to the lower ranks represents the hierarchy or scalar chain. Clearly, both perspectives take a rather deterministic view of social action, since each assumes that individuals will maximize organizational efficiency, independently of their own welfare, and with no thought for the relationship between the collective goal and their own particular purposes.

According to Henri Fayolthe accompanying power or authority gives the management the right to give orders to the subordinates.

For this, specialized units whose activities are inter-related could be put under one manager. Managers should continually try to improve employee morale, which enhances the mutual trust of employees and creates a more harmonious workplace. Members of public administration come in different forms and quantities.

Woodrow Wilson defined public administration as a detailed and systematic execution of public law, he divided government institutions into two separate sectors, administration and politics. This principle is inherently obvious; there cannot be multiple, possibly conflicting plans tugging employees in different directions.

Administrative theory
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General administrative theory