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It controls payments and schedules various payment activities in order to run the business more smoothly. The functions of this department are very wide and dynamic.

One thing to take into consideration is what and organic and inorganic compounds are present at the source, and if it is practical or not to invest in equipment to remove them.

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Colonization: It breaks down organic constituents and reduces their odor potential while also sanitizing to minimize further microbial contamination. The yarn produced by Akij Textile Mills Ltd is sold to the export oriented knit and woven garments industries. Two clean cotton for the ring spinning and the other for Autocoro and rotors.

AFBL is successfully doing its business in Dhaka rather than other districts. Currently AFBL is affiliated with two agencies that provide various sort of promotional services, starting from generating innovative promotional ideas and concepts, strategically coordinating them and till execution.

Mature Markets Mature markets are competitive.

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Crafted by ACML. In this case we can put the production of MUM bottled drinking water against one of their other product, the Royal Crown Cola. Unit II: Adjacent to the current factory, another one has been built. Mum being a product of one of the biggest group Partex has a good scope of spreading its business around border of Bangladesh and since yet no news of any shortage have been noticed, the Supply and Demand are well in equilibrium. The company is proud to say that the word wastage means little to them; all their factories have been constructed with recycling and the environment in mind. The other pricing factors regarding allowances and credit terms are also justified according to reasonability. Financial Leverage Partex group Financial leverage allows Partex group to use their balance sheet to expand their business and increase their profits. The huge number of buyers and sellers means that externality and market power is largely reduced.

Strict quality control is maintained here. The unique marketing communication and the products look assist it to make a moderate market share.

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The contract implies the agencies to work with the specified brands of AFBL and the remuneration is given using a method called: Retainership fee approach: AFBL pays a fixed certain amount of monthly fee to the Ad agencies.

Advertisements, billboards, banners, festoons, roman banners, back drops, shop signs etc, are developed with such state of art that projects the concept of the fun and enjoyment residing.

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Area-wise Forecast: It is the short term forecast performed every month.

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