An analysis of drugs in teenager

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The drug phenomenon is evidenced daily in the media. Negligence by parents may stimulate greater drug use in their children while support, monitoring, and direct involvement can lower rates of use.

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A2 Drug is something that strongly influences a person to do something wrong [ We need more security around here, my God. In: Minayo MCS, editor. The meetings lasted about 60 minutes and used the following guiding questions: What do you know about drugs? Parents' attitudes towards drugs and their effects on the family are of utmost importance.

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A8 Cigarettes are bad, and can cause disease, make me sick, I don't like being around smokers. A7 If my best friend began to use drugs, I would move away from them.

Studies 18 - 19 show that it is necessary to invite the parties involved for discussion of topics of interest to them, based on their experiences and socialization, using participatory and reflexive methodologies with flashy and impactful audio visual resources, with statistical information on number of cases, pictures, real cases, among others, because this issue appears as a serious social and economic problem, and affects different social classes.

How to prevent drug abuse among youth

Now or Never Teenagers often feel a social imperative to experiment and experience all that we can while they are still young. When they are sad or depressed they see these substances as a way to forget and feel happier. Get started on the road to recovery. Common practices such as family gatherings for discussion of events and family leisure brings people together and strengthen bonds of friendship, respect and safety in the home environment 16 - Many of these stores did not have the proper licensing. RESULTS To facilitate understanding of the study subjects' perceptions of drugs, the presentation of the results considered the thematic categories. Many teens begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol simply because they are curious and want to know what it feels like. Alcohol is culturally associated with fun, joy, pleasure, celebration and social integration 19 - A14 I even buy cigarettes for my uncle; they [shop clerks] don't say anything. Cad Saude Publica [Internet]. Rev Lat Am Enfermagem [Internet]. The material obtained from the transcripts was organized at three different times: preanalysis, exploration of the material and processing of results This study observed that adolescents are directly exposed to drugs in the environment in which they live, whether social or familiar.
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Health Effects of Teen Substance Abuse