An analysis of the stops to ayutthaya and its culture

Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombut, who yesterday took senior officials from the ministry on an inspection of the historical site, said some vendors were happy to move to the new venue. If you take a longer-term perspective, you need to prepare for the future. It could be launched in October if all parties are agreed, he said. It is being funded by the Asian Development Bank under its water resources financing programme. Regarding the progress in the restoration of damaged ancient sites, Fine Arts Department Deputy Director-General Anek Seehamart said that the department is now in the process of finding contractors to restore more than 10 major historical attractions, including Wat Chai W atthanaram and Wat Phra Sri Sanphet. Mr Tongbron also complained that only a few visitors were shopping at the new space provided. The project was developed following the floods of that heavily affected the Ayutthaya Historic City World Heritage Site. Ayutthaya was also deemed a world heritage with the most problems with land encroachments, which was now beyond Fine Arts Department officials' control, Khaisri said. Since October , the Thai authorities have undertaken extensive repair work at the World Heritage site and have invested in water management systems for the Chao Phraya River basin. These concerns are personally believed that because in Western countries, they believe in individuality. In fact the toilet had been there since , six years before it was in the news. The initial findings will be launched by October this year and the final solution will be purposed to government agencies by September You cannot rebuild it," he said, adding that it is better to have a risk mitigation plan in place.

Fine Arts Department deputy director Anek Sihamat accepted that the Historic City of Ayutthaya has been under threat of encroachment from vendors and urban development. The experts undertook damage analysis, emergency stabilization, restoration and long-term management assessment.

If you take a longer-term perspective, you need to prepare for the future. The study will cover not only the old city of Ayutthaya but also its vicinities in order to find practical solutions, he said, adding that the institute will capitalise on its expertise in water management and will also invite specialists from the International Scientific Committee on Risk Preparedness of the International Council on Monuments and Sites.

It was installed in the open air at Prasat Nakhon Luang in Nakhon Luang district built during King Songtham's reign between and Supod accepted that the major concern is that many historical sites in Ayutthaya Province, including at the East and West of Koh Muang, have been badly damaged and began to subside for an average of five centimeters.

Supod further said the root-cause of land subsidence was that large volumes of floodwater pooled up in the historical site for a period of time. GHF specifically focuses funding and conservation efforts on the developing world because of scarce human and technical resources.

Citing the time before the site's inclusion to the UNESCO list when there were many land encroachments, Anek said the authorities solved the problems and had managed the area according to the Unesco criteria, including moving an 11metre building to outside the urban area and having state agencies' offices located to a new city area.

ayutthaya unesco sites

Fine Arts Department director- general Kriengkrai Sampatchalit said no one would be forced to leave, but they would be told the city should not be extended to ensure the site continued to meet UNESCO criteria. The hall serves as an art museum.

An analysis of the stops to ayutthaya and its culture

Officials at the Ayutthaya Historical Park found a crack at the base of one of the pagodas on the southwestern site of Phra Ram Temple. Ayutthaya Kingdom.

The official handing-over ceremony of the successfully concluded project was held on Tuesday, March 28 in the presence of German Ambassador Peter Prugel, Sahabhum Bhumtitterat of the Ministry of Culture, Dr.

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History of Ayutthaya