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Suppose Mary overhears Tom say Otto is a Kraut. Oxford Dictionary: theism, belief in a God, or Gods; atheism, disbelief in, or denial of, the existence of a God.

Theism vs atheism

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. He is convinced that this is due to a rejection of formal and final causes. Atheism is the belief that God does not exist and Judaism believes in only a unitary God and Christianity believes in the Trinity of God Along with thinkers like Hegel, who believe that all of history is progress and that everything has been leading up to our point in time today, the mentality within science is that progress is always good. For example, if I leave a bowl of milk out in the kitchen at night and return in the morning to find the milk gone and the kitchen swept and scrubbed, this observation is not surprising under the hypothesis that my house is inhabited by fairies who do housework in exchange for food. Both atheists and theists hold the "burden of proof" which goes hand-in-hand with the absence of knowledge. Ancient texts and their modern interpreters in the church hierarchies strictly prescribe how their followers are allowed to view the world, what topics they must approve or disapprove of, and often, what questions they are not allowed to ask. To be an atheist you must believe what you would like and simply live your life without constraints based on what you believe is good or bad, not what you are told is good or bad This is not to say that no churches or religious individuals have ever been at the forefront of movements for social change. In general, theistic belief is a force for stagnation and against progress, and it is morally incumbent upon us not to support this. Atheists understand the basis for morality, that simple compassion is a better reason to do what is right than ten thousand commands from on high. Naturalism is the norm, and this fact is less surprising under atheism than theism. His belief was that the concept of religion and the idea of following a religion was the main reason behind an individual's downward spiral in the social world because it made the individual think negatively and decreased his overall mental ability to perform at a high or productive level. Atheism saves time and money.

Atheism is slowly rising with the advancement of technology, and understanding of the natural universe around the world. If religions are composed solely of human beings, lacking divine moral guidance, this is to be expected.

Throughout history, religion has been used to promote stagnation and the status quo, acting as a barrier to human advancement both intellectually and morally. Atheism offers the freedom to make up your own mind.

atheism essay

There is little if any overlap between what Mary understood and what I actually meant. In all cases, the harm caused by these beliefs should be unacceptable to people of conscience, and should lead these people to reject any belief system that teaches them. However, if there was a being that had a role in creating the natural laws of the universe, and if some religious belief system was an effective way to contact and communicate with that being, it is reasonable to expect that revelation, either through written texts or personal experience, might occasionally provide genuinely new knowledge.

To an atheist, there is no forbidden knowledge, there are no prohibited books, and there are no questions that may not be asked. He might, in using these offensive words, intend to express his contempt for Germans, and thus Otto. On the other hand, if atheism is true, then the ultimate failure of all pro-theistic arguments is the only possible outcome assuming, of course, that logic does bear some correspondence to reality.

Many religions have cruel or morally unacceptable doctrines, and this fact is less surprising under atheism than theism.

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None of the above Wittgensteinian accounts of how religious language is used offers mainstream religious people much in the way of a response to atheist critics. Throughout history, religion has been used as a justification for countless crimes against humanity. In any case, this essay will attempt to show that there are some moral shortcomings common to all religions. Both atheists and theists hold the "burden of proof" which goes hand-in-hand with the absence of knowledge. Some theists will no doubt protest that the ethical believers should not be condemned for the crimes of the misguided ones. Atheism relieves the need to defend the indefensible. Oxford dictionary: idea, a picture or notion of anything conceived by the mind; a conception. Even Atheists believe in some sort of morality even they do not wish to call it by its name. Atheism saves time and money. Are we to suppose that what the Christian means by it is rather less than what the atheist understands by it?

I map out the three main contenders below. On the other hand, if there is a god, it is strange and unexpected that there would be so much religious confusion among humanity.

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On Being a Theist Essay