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Afterwards, you spoke to your school administrators about high-achieving students needing higher-level courses, and they agreed to talk to the local community college to start a pipeline for students like you.

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On a blank piece of paper, jot down any and every idea, feeling, phrases, and keywords that pop into your head after reading this prompt. Things to consider: An educational opportunity can be anything that has added value to your educational experience and better prepared you for life. If you want us to quickly edit your college essay, submit it to our Rapid Review Program , and we will get it back to you quickly with comments from our expert team. UC essay prompt 5 Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to overcome this challenge. Does the talent come naturally or have you worked hard to develop this skill or talent? Why is this talent or skill meaningful to you? For example, ask yourself, "How has my life changed at home, at my school, with my friends or with my family? Trust me, you do NOT want to be stuck in situations like that. How does your creativity influence your decisions inside or outside the classroom? Those traits that are highly a This is why excelling in the personal-insight questions is key to presenting yourself as a worthwhile candidate. It could also be as large as your country or your ethnicity. Another deadline reminder. You encouraged these elementary schoolers to fiddle with the instruments and lobbied for a music program to be implemented at the school.

How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time? The supplemental application includes the self-reported academic record, resume and essay.

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We will contact you via email to submit additional documentation or to schedule a time to speak with you. First, reflect on an academic subject that makes you happy to study.

uc berkeley essay prompts

Things to consider: Think of community as a term that can encompass a group, team or a place like your high school, hometown or home. Q: Is it possible for freshman applicants to be admitted earlier than the March decision date?

This will lead you to talk about your underlying motives for the service you have done, and in turn, demonstrate the positive influence you have made.

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This is the most open-ended any question can get. Describe the beauty and the meaning of the activity, convincing the admissions officers that this activity rightly takes precedence over everything else. For example, you hope to be a doctor in the future because you love biology and chemistry. UC essay prompt 6 Think about an academic subject that inspires you. Make sure to talk about what you learned from the challenge, detailing growth and maturity along the way. Do you put in small amounts of practice every day, or strenuous hours for a couple short periods each year? Things to consider: Think of community as a term that can encompass a group, team or a place like your high school, hometown or home. Your race was the most significant challenge you faced growing up. If you started an activity in high school and continued into college, that activity may be included. Another thing to think about is avoiding the pitfall of being generic, so think outside the box. Did you have support from someone else or did you handle it alone? Q: How do I apply to the M.

Now look at the prompts and divide them into three categories: "Want to write," "Can write Making comes in many forms and is not always physical. Narrow your ideas down to one topic — for example, your habit of pausing at least five seconds before you respond to a conversation in writing or in real life.

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