Best photo essays

The adage that we are our own worst critics is often true. This will help position your work and can enable the viewer to fully understand your intention, or at least guide their perspective. Oh, for a country pub lunch. Can't get enough photo content?

10 best photo essays of the month

A street cat wanders out of the frame and away from the man. Schiff documents libraries from across the country, from the stately old libraries on the East Coast to more modern, contemporary buildings by famous architects. Photograph what you experience.

For better or worse, these were the hallmarks of a generation. At The Atlantic, Taylor has access to several news agencies to construct these hand-curated essays. What Makes a Photo Essay Unforgettable? Do you eat dinner at a dining table, or in front of the TV?

For example, a photo essay about your family may be hard to evaluate, as your own feelings about family members will impact how you take and view the photos.

A good method to use to cull your images down is to remove as many as half of your images straight away to see if your narrative is still as strong with fewer photos.

Choose a specific topic or theme for your photo essay.

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11 Of The Most Interesting Photo Essays