Bill melinda gates case study

Steve jobs played this role well by identifying what projects where worthwhile for Apple Company to invest in. His father was a prominent attorney and his mother a former teacher and member of the board of directors for First Interstate BancSystem.

Organizational Objectives Effective leaders influence followers to think not only of their own interests but also of the interest of the organization through a shared vision.

what skills does bill gates have

Other than that, Bill Gates has the thought that he is not worrying about what others think. In my opinion Bill Gates is ethical in his business at Microsoft. Steve Jobs 2.

Compare the two. Melinda believes in empowering women in impoverish countries and demonstrates flexibility when dealing the challenges she faces in countries where women do not often have a strong foothold in the community.

Gates known as a demanding boss who encourages creativity and recognize employee achievements. Researchers try to explains why some followers of some leaders are willing to work so hard making sacrifices to achieve the group and organizational objectives or how effective leaders influence the behavior of their followers.

This is why he sought innovative solutions and built products before a customer realized they needed it.

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Case Study: SocialCops + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation