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I was puzzled; I doubted that anyone was actually stealing doormats in Denver. Fred is proof that, in any job or business, relationship building is the most important objective because the quality of the relationship differentiates the quality of the product or service.

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Share this:. In a manner of speaking, we compete against our potential every day. Sanborn, burglars often watch for mail building up in a box. The object is to outthink your competition rather than outspend them. I always do the best work I possibly can, and if a client needs advice or recommendations or perspective or whatever, I provide these extras with no expectation of anything in return. What do you do when growth stalls, or when your team is working below its true potential? Indifferent people deliver impersonal service. My wife and I love lighthouses. Do you lift someone up, or put someone down? He has the ability to integrate his message into the rest of the meeting or conference.

Ok View Our Privacy Policy. There's no need for Fred to cook up a bunch of elaborate schemes for where to put it or whatever. The insights are tailored specifically to leadership and easy to understand and apply.

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Also, I find it interesting that everyone awesome in the book is called "a Fred"--it seems kind of dehumanizing to me. I don't really see anything unusual in the design, though. My wife, Terri, is great at this. Service becomes personalized when a relationship exists between the provider and the customer. We respect your privacy. I hope I can continue to provide exceptional service. Anyone can buy his or her way out of a problem with enough money. The necessary training? He next schedules a conference call with you and any key players that you want involved. Last year, I was speaking in Boston and my son and his girlfriend got to come up and visit. The other thing that bothers me about this book is that the original Fred, and many of the other example people, seem kind of codependent and over the top. This is a sort of personal connection.

If you take advantage of me, I'll still be professional and do great work, but as for the extras, no soup for you. My friend Joel describes excellence as doing the best you can with what you have all the time. No matter where we are in our career, no matter our position in the organization, no matter our current involvement, we can all transform our lives from the ordinary into the extraordinary by bringing fresh energy and creativity to our life and work.

That's how it should be. It was an award for being one of ten outstanding young men. Ignoring the criticism of those who are threatened by the achievement of others depends not your title, but your attitude.

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I do that all the time.

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