Business game as a training method

This form of training is based on an artificial environment that simulates the real situation in the management of the organization. The participants play roles of members of the management of the company.

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A well conducted play will allow to use the benefits derived from didactic games, that is the development of entrepreneurial and social competences.

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Training games training method

They are becoming more process oriented, with greater emphasis on results. Games can show creative approach of the consultant to work with students. Related Content on TrainingIndustry. Next is choosing the most suitable business game predicated on the objectives to maximize the learning results among employees. Hence, the game is a higher form of play based on respecting strictly set rules by at least two students Grzesiak, Some ethnographers are convinced that it was education that was the reason for creating many games. The goal of participants, moving around a city, is to perform tasks and reach the set points, that is places where the so-called agents can wait for them. A great way to look for the goals of the training can be done through the Training Need Analysis. Siek — Piskozub, T. The game can have any subject matter. They receive PLN one million at the start. Business games are a simulation of operation of a business or its part.

Teachers or professional consultants creating and implementing scenarios of didactic games, particularly location-based and strategic games, should mind several basic activities. They receive PLN one million at the start.

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The issues of games and plays for children and the youth were in Poland touched on by — inter alia — W. Surdyk — The benefits for young, entrepreneurial employees: learning about new areas of knowledge and their assessment — didactic games evoke positive motivation for learning and they consolidate obtained knowledge.

Business games for training employees

The winner is the participant who completes all tasks the fastest or who has got the best score Nowakowska, ; www. The issues of games and plays for children and the youth were in Poland touched on by — inter alia — W. It is frequently referred to as the business simulation game in the literature. Movements at every game stage are the mastering of the previously made, frequently risky, decision and modification of assumed game strategy. Business game helps to lower the recognized threat degree of a participant which later creates a clearer picture of the expected outcome. The game can have any subject matter. The organisation of the game requires the preparation of at least one computer station per group and Internet access.
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Business Games (Management Games)