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We talked in detail about the different service plans, the differences between the dynamic and static IP addresses, the Wi-Fi options, the service's uptime, the backup wireless services, the connection type, the Ethernet-dedicated services, and the customer support options.

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Comcast also monitor the solution in real-time, allowing them to track quality of service and performance. Since we aren't a current customer, we couldn't get a feel for how helpful those representatives may be. It is privately owned and operated, ensuring ultimate reliability and security for your data.

There is also a day money-back-guarantee which should give companies confidence when signing up with the solution. Support While Comcast has a poor customer support reputation, we were pleased with the service we received.

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The website allows you to take a "speed challenge," which lets you see your current internet speed and compare it to what Comcast offers. We receive calls for other local businesses, Comcast has no explanation.

This allows employees to wirelessly connect their devices while in the workplace. We also needed to set up the complete phone system with what the Voice Assist needed to say etc Different Internet Types Offered Comcast offers both coaxial cable and fiber optic internet connections.

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