Compare and contrast okonkwo and unoka things fall apart c

Chapter 7 1. Things Fall Apart. The main character, Okonkwo, lead a somewhat complicated life.

relationships in things fall apart

Why do you think he reacts this way? Achebe is trying to tell the outside world about the little village and to remind the people of its own traditional values.

Discuss the symbolic meaning of the Week of Peace for the Igbo people. Chapter 8 1. Ultimately, those paths lead him to a tree, and Okonkwo hanged himself from it.

Explain the judicial function of the egwugwu and the relationship of the egwugwu to the living.

okonkwo and unoka relationship

Chapter 19 1. Question: "Ultimately it is difficult to feel sympathy for Okonkwo.

Relationship between okonkwo and nwoye

The work and play of the women and children in this chapter provide examples of a harmonious polygamous household. Okonkwo is banished for seven years from Umuofia, and during Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe - words words - 5 pages mistreatment shows a large amount of emotional strength. Give special attention to the reasons why Okonkwo disdains his father and strives to succeed. Describe the osu and explain why the young church is upset about allowing the osu to join the congregation. Give three basic reasons why Okonkwo kills the court messenger. Chapter 25 1. What does the elder mean when he says the young people do not know how to speak with one voice? The main character, Okonkwo, lead a somewhat complicated life.

Is Okonkwo harsher to men, women, or children? Chapter 4 1. Based upon this information, describe at least three various roles women play in Igbo society.

Similarities between okonkwo and nwoye

Explain the rationale behind the two different reactions to the Christians. Compare and contrast Okonkwo and his friend Obierika. Discuss his family, his finances, his political power, and his role in the community. Chapter 15 1. In what ways is Okonkwo a respected leader in the village? Their need for something that was extinguished long ago. His victory made him a celebrity among the nine villages of Umuofia because Amaline had been undefeated for seven years. He was violen, barbaric and unable to change with the times. Explain why the elders are fearful for the younger generation. Kramer It is clear that Achebe is not being sexist when he talks about women in his novel; instead he is relaying facts about the real life tribe. Okonkwo shows a softer, more loving side in his relationship with Ezinma. Chapter 16 1.
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