Comparing the american and french revolutions essay

While on the other hand, the French way was radically different.

american and french revolution comparison

Palmer, R. The societies in the world are greatly influenced by these two significant events. By closely examining three of the main causes of these revolutions, it is clear that although the two revolutions have their differences, the basis of cause for the revolutions have, overall, much stronger similarities Thus, the American revolution and French revolution had many differences and similarities.

Comparing the american and french revolutions essay

With the hardships that the peasant class experienced during those times, the bourgeoisie was easily able to manipulate them and gain their support. That explains the differences. It had now become a common sentiment among the Americans that there were so many things that they felt had to be done but were left unresolved due to their exclusion.

conclusion of the american and french revolution
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A Comparison of the French Revolution and American Revolution