Contrast two books

Contrast two books

The answers to these questions will help support your thesis. In the "lens" or "keyhole" comparison, in which you weight A less heavily than B, you use A as a lens through which to view B. See an example here. As you begin to separate the similarities and differences in the work, you will begin to see patterns forming on which you can draw conclusions. For instance, in the Frankenstein-Mr. What is different? If you think that B extends A, you'll probably use a text-by-text scheme; if you see A and B engaged in debate, a point-by-point scheme will draw attention to the conflict. To put it simply, impulsive decisions can often be more reliable than well thought out decisions. See an example comparing bats and spiders here. Choose a Structure: Subject by Subject If you were to structure your essay to compare elements subject by subject, you would list all the relevant details of one subject first. As a girl raised in the faded glory of the Old South, amid mystical tales of magnolias and moonlight, the mother remains part of a dying generation.

But in a compare-and-contrast, the thesis depends on how the two things you've chosen to compare actually relate to one another. The book is divided into seven sections, three being pictorials.

compare and contrast two books with similar themes example

Images that are next to one another in the book such as Sarah Burge, Why these particular fruits? Gather Facts. But no matter which organizational scheme you choose, you need not give equal time to similarities and differences.

compare and contrast two literary works example

Whether your paper focuses primarily on difference or similarity, you need to make the relationship between A and B clear in your thesis. Why not pears and bananas?

Compare and contrast two books essay examples

Rhetorically speaking this paper will be on the comparisons of the book versus the movie and also the contrasts of the two of them as well. What is similar about their secrecy? See an example here. Each circle is labeled for the idea or thing it represents. This is the context within which you place the two things you plan to compare and contrast; it is the umbrella under which you have grouped them. Compare-contrast essays require students to analyze texts and draw conclusions based on similarities and differences between elements within the texts. Most assignments tell you exactly what the frame of reference should be, and most courses supply sources for constructing it.

What is similar about their secrecy?

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How to Write a Comparative Analysis