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Breach of trust and embezzlement Breach of trust, fraud and embezzlement Felonious appropriation of what has been entrusted to the accused.

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Write what you mean clearly and correctly. Not proven see Burden of proof The Crown has failed to prove the case against the accused beyond reasonable doubt. Victim Statement A written statement which allows victims or, in some cases, their relatives to tell the court how the crime has affected them. Cattle-stealing also: Horse-stealing and Sheep-stealing Theft of livestock. Egbert P. Williams, 6 A Companion to the Philosophy of Robert Kilwardby in the PriorAnalytics it is considered in general and not as contracted to any specific matter, whereas in logic as a whole it is considered in all its varieties. Deserted pro loco et tempore Trial abandoned by PF but can be heard at a later date. Ship-breaking Unauthorised affected entry of a ship or vessel. If a person is going to jail for the first time, the court must have a social enquiry report. The fiscal added: "It is in the public interest this case continues. Remand or remanded in custody When a person is kept in a police cell or prison before a court appearance. Manufacturing, forging or using counterfeit coins or money. Examination in-chief This is the first set of questions the witness is asked by one of the lawyers in a trial. It may be possible to have someone with you during the interview ask the person who invites you for interview before the date of the meeting. Plagium Latin Poaching also: Night-poaching; Con.

Contempt of court Disregard for the authority of the court, including commiting disorderly behaviour in court, improper conduct intended to influence the course of justice, or bringing the administration of justice into disrepute. Tribunal de la Inquisicion, fruto de las gestiones hechas ante la Santa Sede por los Monarcas Castellanos y concedido al fin por Roma—es sencillamente el ejercicio de la potestad coercitiva, fundamentada juridica, filosofica y teologicamente, bajo iniciativa y responsabilidad de la autoridad episcopal en diversos lugares y tiempos.


The cells found in this swab can be used to identify someone. The interview can be arranged at a time and place of your choosing. And since no God simpliciter exists, Davis cannot say to the traditional theologians, "You were just thinking of God simpliciter with all of his essential properties," as Morris said to his objectors, Please log in or register to use Flashcards and Bookmarks.

Game Scotland Act, The unlawful taking of game or rabbits by night.

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Procurator fiscal The public prosecutor in inferior courts. Consists of three judges to hear appeals for criminal cases falling under solemn procedure. Murder also: Attempted murder Unlawful killing of another with intent to kill, or with wicked recklessness to life. The person cannot be another witness in the case, and they cannot answer for you. The property does not require to be upon the owner at the time. Egbert P. It is the Sheriff or Justice of the Peace who makes the decision. The following is an A to Z list of many of the words and phrases used on a day to day basis within the court setting.

Bernard J. Criminal Court Case also known as criminal proceedings A legal court case or action involving crime. Court Officer also known as Bar Officer A person who helps the Sheriff looks after people in court and calls each witness into court.

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Rape also: Attempted rape; Assault with intent to ravish; Clandestine injury; Indecent assault Sexual intercourse with a woman by means of the forcible overcoming of her will.

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Ship-breaking Unauthorised affected entry of a ship or vessel. Samples may be gathered from a victim by 'forensic examination'.

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