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Let us know the position in the USA. In an unstable government the administration is bound to be inefficient and chaotic. One can say with confidence that but for the political parties there would be no public opinion. Demerits of Political Parties: The following are some of the major defects of the political parties: i It Hampers Individuality: Political parties deter individual thinking and individual way of life.

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More importantly, the opposition, having the prospect of coming to power, plays a dignified role in a bi-party system. Naturally people with similar views and ideas would tend to form groups together.

These changes have been brought about for the good of the society after a lot of consideration. This type of influence is seen present in all types of government, democratic or dictatorial, presidential or parliamentary. After viewing my results I looked into The Green Party some more.

This party is still quite new on the political scene and lacks widespread credibility. It would be no exaggeration to say that the Indian political system is corrupted to the core.

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It attained its national character only after it came under the influence of Gandhiji in She has served as the president of the party. It is found more practical and useful if some individuals form a group on the basis of their common thread of interest. In the past there were the Whigs and the Tories as the two principal political parties. However, today our government has political parties. It is time to bring about reforms and stop the corrupt practices of the people in power. This is the reason why we have not developed as much as we should have since independence. These two parties have very contrasting beliefs which they present in their platforms. The Bi-Party System Divides the Country into Two Hostile Camps: It bisects the human nature into two schools of thought as if the entire people have only two heads or two minds. So one party in the government has to placate the other party in the same government.
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