Exploratory research with examples

Characteristics of exploratory research

For example: A focus group helps a research identify the opinions of consumers if they were to buy a phone. How often do newly married like to shop from our brand? These are the three broadly different types of objectives from which the names of there types of research designs have been obtained respectively. Researchers must keep their ultimate objectives in mind even if they have to take detours and change direction during the research process. It would ask broad open-ended questions that are designed to receive large amounts of content, providing the freedom for the experts to demonstrate their knowledge. In addition there are often data limitations and a need to make a decision within a short time period. Further research: Once the data has been obtained, the researcher will continue his study through descriptive investigation. There are no set of rules to carry out the research per se, as they are flexible, broad and scattered.

Interviews are carried out in person or on telephone which have open-ended questions to get meaningful information about the topic. It is a time consuming research and it needs patience and has risks associated with it.

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Such a research is a qualitative research method. The main difference between exploratory and descriptive research is that the first does not follow standardized methods but the second does. It is often referred to as grounded theory approach or interpretive research as it used to answer questions like what, why and how.

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Cross sectional studies: Cross sectional designs are the most used and popular descriptive research design. How often do newly married like to shop from our brand?

Exploratory research with examples

The popularity of focus groups is because of their effectiveness and efficiency as well as because researchers or decision makers can themselves attend them and observe the response of the participants live. With their input, I would be able to create a survey covering all sides of the issues. Interviews: While you may get a lot of information from public sources, but sometimes an in person interview can give in-depth information on the subject being studied. John Dudovskiy [1] Source: Saunders, M. The clues found in the exploratory phase of the research usually point in the direction of a specific hypothesis or explanation of the events which happened, and investigators start focusing their efforts in this direction, performing interviews with witnesses and suspects descriptive. Flexibility is important in exploratory research and it is bound to result in new ideas, revelations and insights. Control: Controlling the variable that affects the dependent variable Good marketing decisions and great strategy are always based upon useful market intelligence and such information can be obtained through research. The owner intends to carry out an exploratory research to find out and hence decides to do an exploratory research to find out if expanding their juices selection will enable him to get more customers of if there is a better idea. Like asking people to play the role of a retail customer arriving at a retain store.. For example: A focus group helps a research identify the opinions of consumers if they were to buy a phone. This depends on what is being researched, like a food sampling for a fast food chain or maybe a presentation of potential advertisements for an anti-smoking campaign. To carry out exploratory research, generally there is no prior research done or the existing ones do not answer the problem precisely enough. Visit our Help Center. A research design is a very important part of research which serves as a road map letting you know your position and where you are going to stand once you have completed the research. What is the purpose of the study?

One day, they observed that a competitor had employed 9 furniture salesmen in a day period, tipping them off that the rival was ready to make a push in the office-furniture market.

The Practice of Social Research.

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All research strategies can benefit from reviewing similar studies taken and learning from their results. The researcher has a lot of flexibility and can adapt to changes as the research progresses. This approach is suitable when there are complex variables at work and to understand these complexities one may need to conduct intensive study. Search Exploratory Research Exploratory research, as the name implies, intends merely to explore the research questions and does not intend to offer final and conclusive solutions to existing problems. Descriptive research is important to reach your objectives and test the hypotheses generated by exploratory research and still exploratory research is like a stepping stone to start the process. The difference is just like that between a still photo and video film. In such a research, there is no direct interaction with the subject.

Journal of Public Affairs Education, Vol. Under these two types, there are multiple methods which can used by a researcher.

The picture works as a visual aid or stimulus to bring out the inner thoughts or deep motivations of the respondent.

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No response means a high level of emotional involvement blocking the response.

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Exploratory research