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At all times the eldest would not get the most concern and love from their parents like the youngest always get.

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Works Cited Brown, Cheryl A. Some parents, they discriminate among siblings and differentiate between them.

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If parents do not have enough knowledge about religion to teach their children, they must send their children to people who can teach about religion. A Street racing accident causes catastrophic damage to themselves and others due to loss of control at high speeds. Many street racing accidents can be prevented by the teenage racing community it is just a matter of them getting educated about the consequences and hardships you can suffer from an accident involved in street racing. The majority of outcomes of racing accidents are disastrous on both sides, drivers and victims. Teenagers feel that they need to prove themselves by racing some one else, but they do not realize in how much danger they are putting themselves in. They do not control them and guide them and worst thing is they do not know where their children are and let go their children to hang out with their friend at any time. They like to show many actions while they are on the road because they want to prove everybody they are great.

It provides drivers, passengers, and onlookers the exhilaration of speed. Others choose to race their streets and take a chance they say that the adrenaline rush is not the same at the track.

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Pedestrians have been killed during such races. In Arizona there have been numerous tragedies with teenagers street racing, one which went to local high schools.

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I n San Diego County, California, where the movie was made, 15 people were killed in racing-related incidents in the year after the movies release Reno, In the early s, NHRA founder Wally Parks began working with law-enforcement agencies around the country to entice illegal street racers onto dry lakes and abandoned runways where more organized competition could be staged.

Illegal street racing not only takes its toll in innocent lives, but affects families for years after.

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