Frasier and niles write a book together for life

Frasier and Niles. Frasier: Just you! When he tells this and other contamination horror stories to a group of fourth-graders, they think he is wonderful for knowing such "cool" facts. Roz comes in and isn't too pleased.

Frasier: You, Spindly. The lyrics indirectly refer to Crane's radio show; "I hear the blues a-callin", for example, refers to troubled listeners who call the show.

The curtain has been run down here. Frasier: Yes Dad, I suppose there is. Page One. Come Friday, they have nothing to show for their work except a lot of resentment on Niles' part because he is annoyed by how he is more successful as a psychiatrist than Frasier, who still becomes a celebrity, and he is tired of being the second of the two to reach the milestones of life, such as getting married and having children.

I've got less than bupkes. It was created so the Space Needlethe most iconic landmark of Seattle, would appear more prominently.

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Niles: Oh please, I've been wondering how long you're going to store those nuts for winter! Niles: So, what you're suggesting, is that exploit your listeners' lives for our own personal game?

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Frasier (season 1)