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You can be a philanthropist AND a writer at the same time. It also has stripped-down, option-based formatting, which is perfect for designing eBooks.

It is my number one go-to editing tool when I need to work intensively on very long documents such as long-form articles or book manuscripts. This one is also great for exporting.

Free novel writing software for windows 10

There are productivity tools, blog tools, grammar apps and free writing software aplenty. Most of us learned how to use computers by using Microsoft Word, or a program like it. Evernote runs on just about every platform there is - Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more - and can be used from a browser for everyone else. However, these options are more than enough to allow you to write and edit your texts in an efficient manner. TheSage TheSage is a very powerful dictionary and thesaurus and a stack of useful features. It works with so many sites, platforms, software and applications. The program is a personal wiki, an interesting offline tool which helps you to link your ideas, and it's surprisingly easy to use. It works a little like a spreadsheet, but each cell can contain lots of data, images, formatted text and more. Scan through this list of writing programs below to see if you can find a few new favourite apps to download for your laptop or to use online.

A powerful search tool helps you to update text and formatting; tools to create a table of contents and index give your project a professional touch; and the bundled FlightCrew EPUB validator checks that your book conforms to the EPUB standards.

Ginger grammar checker Ginger software is an affordable alternative to Grammarly. Launch it and the program gets rid of all distractions by clearing the screen entirely, so you can concentrate on your writing.

free writing apps for windows

When you sign up, you get access to a community of self-publishing professionals that are ready to work with you and on your book. Alternatively, if you interview someone for writing better non-fiction articles, you can save time by transcribing these interviews.

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A lot of writers prefer this since scenes are usually fun chunks of story to work on. It is a superb writing aid for authors and writers of long-form content articles. Are you an author?

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Best Book Writing Software: 14 Writing Tools For Authors [ Update]