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Inwhen Lee was five, nine young black men were accused of raping two white women near Scottsboro, Alabama. A group of blacks and whites got into a fight on a train.

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And even when impotent and less than, they are perceived as being powerful and dangerous. There is obvious segregation that takes place in the day-to-day life in Maycomb. Tried in Scottsboro, Alabama, eight of them received death sentences. Here we had our fights, our marble games and hid our love notes.

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Below is an excerpt from one of the chapters dealing with the subject of race in America: Inwhen To Kill a Mockingbird was published, much of white America viewed the coming together of the races as immoral, dangerous, even ungodly.

In this story a young male Tom Robinson is charged with raping a white female.

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In the novel Tom Robinson is a black male accused of rape in Maycomb County. During the same time period as the novel there were many historical events that were almost identical in setting and conclusion. Many of my students who are black, who identify as black Americans, they were fearful for Tom, so it's a very complex experience here, depending on who you identify with. Harper Lee shows signs of hoped-for change in her book. She completed the novel in and published it, with revisions, in , just before the peak of the American civil rights movement. There was fear that Lett would be lynched. There are many correlations between the Jim Crow laws, mob mentality, and the Scottsboro trials in the book. The historical context of the novel can be easily seen portrayed in the trial of Tom Robinson, the portrayal of social classes, and the treatment and actions of different races and gender in the nineteen thirties; the historical context can also be link into Harper Lee's personal life and experiences. Jim Crow laws were very harsh and cruel toward black people. Set twenty years after the events of To Kill a Mockingbird and containing many of the same characters, Watchman concerns an adult Scout, who returns to Maycomb to find her father, Atticus, has become a racist anti-integrationist. And Harper Lee was the first person to tell that to the largest group of Americans - 30 million strong, who've been her readers - in the most polite and quiet way that many of them were willing to listen to. I think that the question that Harper Lee raises needs to be raised again, and that is, 'How is white America raising their children? In To Kill A Mockingbird it shows how these laws were used in their society.

And after being caught, she seeks to save herself from the scorn of society by accusing Robinson of raping her.

Scout is better than her world.

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Some examples of the rules include: black males were not allowed to come in contact with a white person, they were not allowed to show affection toward one another in public, white motorists had the right-of-way at all intersections, and they could never comment upon the appearance of a white female Pilgrim 1,2. After a series of lengthy, highly publicized, and often bitter trials, five of the nine men were sentenced to long prison terms. If you identify with Tom Robinson, you are engaging with the idea that black men are dangerous, oversexed animals. The Jim Crow laws prevented black people from interacting with white people, and from having any positive status over Whites. Reclining in chaise, she chats with father, Amasa Lee, 80, on screen porch. My father's a lawyer, so I grew up in this room, and mostly I watched him from here. Harper Lee shows signs of hoped-for change in her book. A group of blacks and whites got into a fight on a train. In hometown getup, she ambles in playground of school she once attended.

They were not threatened intellectually, economically or politically by blacks. As with Atticus, A.

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