How to write a good faith marriage letter

Exact dates and monetary amounts should also be provided wherever possible. Use simple language. Make it relevant.

Good faith marriage affidavit letter sample

Personal accounts from children may also be included in the affidavit to avoid being forced to call the child as a witness to the case. Edward and Jessica Johnson have remained our friends since moving to their new home in August Opinions and other related statements are only allowed if they were provided by an expert in a given field for example, an accountant, a law enforcer, or a medical professional. In most circumstances, information will only be considered relevant if it can be used to prove or disprove a certain fact in the case. Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you. They appear to be in love and happier than ever. Learn how CitizenPath helps with Form I You need to be wary about what you include in the affidavit.

Tell the truth. Lying in your affidavit is a serious matter that could cause grave consequences once committed. She filed the divorce papers soon after but now worries about removing conditions on her 2 year green card which will expire in less than 90 days.

Please refer to your custom filing instructions from CitizenPath for the USCIS mailing address, filing fee and more examples of documents that can be used to provide evidence. This means you should only describe what you saw, heard, did, or said.

Do not submit the affidavit on the following page without updating it to fit your specific situation. The content of your affidavit must answer to the questions who, what, when, where, and how. In the case above, Izzy will need to show proof that she married Jonathan in good faith.

Although the affidavit usually starts with a brief background of the situation, avoid mentioning anything that might not be important.

bona fide marriage affidavit sample

Most people who are committing immigration fraud will do their best to avoid having children with someone they only married for a green card.

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Letters from Friends/ Family of True Marriage