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Good personal statement examples

The statement includes personal qualities that are important to have as a physiotherapist, such as being caring and friendly. In my previous role as a Sales Representative, I demonstrated the ability to work under intense pressure, sell products and services to customers from all backgrounds, handle customer complaints and solve problematic situations as and when they arose. Stick to the word limit. Filling your personal statement with cliches makes your application impersonal and dull, and can also sound cringeworthy. Any recruiter reading this profile can quickly understand that this candidate has great academic achievements, a passion for IT and finance and the ability to transfer their skills into an office environment. Media CV profile I am a professional, ambitious and highly skilled Camera Operator able to use a wide range of technical equipment, including professional cinematography camcorders. I have extensive experience working on a number of television and theatre projects, demonstrating an ability to follow artistic direction and the physical capability required on a professional production set. For example, 'A recent graduate with a in English literature from the Hillview University' or a 'Highly-skilled physiotherapist looking to progress into…' 'There's nothing wrong with using the introduction as a chance to tell the reader about the type of work you're looking for,' adds Kelly. HR CV profile The candidate highlights that they have previous work experience in Human Resources HR , making them familiar with the payroll systems and employment law. The candidate indicates that they are able to resolve customer enquiries and complaints face-to-face, over the phone or via email. TIP: Bullet point things you might mention under each of these sections, then list the qualities that position you as the ideal person for the job.

As a result, I possess an advantageous professional network. I am eager to learn, I enjoy overcoming challenges, and I have a genuine interest in Business Management and making organisations successful.

Note: personal statements are generally used by junior candidates - if you are experienced, check out our CV profile examples instead.

Cv personal statement examples

I have strong technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills, enabling me to interact with a wide range of clients. Healthcare CV profile I am committed, caring and friendly Physiotherapist with a great passion for helping people of all ages. My greatest strengths are my research, communication and writing skills. Media CV profile I am a professional, ambitious and highly skilled Camera Operator able to use a wide range of technical equipment, including professional cinematography camcorders. How can I make it stand out to employers? Education Education and qualifications are an important aspect of your personal statement, especially if you are a junior candidate. By highlighting their GCSE results, summer programme involvement, work experience and expressing their ambitions to progress within sales, this candidate really makes an appealing case for hiring them. Due to over 12 years of experience within this industry, I am fully equipped with commercial awareness and product knowledge. The candidate mentions their relevant work experience in the field, indicating that they are able to work within multiple job sectors. We have a Word CV template which can help you to get this right. You do this by writing a detailed paragraph at the very top of your CV that explains your suitability for the roles you are applying for at a very high level. Include unnecessary personal information such as your age, marital status etc. The personal profile sits at the top of your CV so any errors will be immediately apparent. You could potentially go into some more detail around modules, papers etc. Provide evidence of your skills and experience, but be brief!

The candidate correctly highlights their previous work experience and areas of expertise. You could potentially go into some more detail around modules, papers etc. Where have you worked previously?

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Take a look at how to write a CV. In terms of length, a CV personal profile should be no longer than words. Next, detail what you can offer the company. How do your skills match up the job description?

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Engineering CV profile I am a dedicated, hardworking and proactive Chemical Engineer with a strong background in design, plant operations, offshore operations, and process and safety improvements.

The personal statement is your chance to show off your strengths, shout about your achievements and share your career aspirations.

Examples of good personal statements for jobs

Admin CV profile The candidate mentions their previous work experience project management and providing administrative support to businesses. The candidate has mentioned that they wish to put into practice what they have learned and make a positive contribution to the employer. Advertisement How do I structure my personal statement? Discover how to grab the attention of employers with an eye-catching personal statement What is a personal statement? Any employer interested in hiring an experienced camera operator will most certainly be impressed and continue reading the remainder of their CV. To make the most of this experience, they have combined their academic achievements with their workplace exposure in this personal statement. Where have you worked previously?
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How to write a personal statement for a CV