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The top features of being entire in the product give a popular for the product because of its health aspect. They were firstly sold at music festivals were they have done a research asking people if they like innocent smoothies or not. In the beginning of these business, innocent focused on the prospective group for the reason that they needed the examples to where an appeal would be their fast catch.

The purpose of the number of products is to match into the market to the new growing consumers'.

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This aspect also depicted product trials; this came into being consequently of the samples given to the consumers having positive reactions. The USP of the product is that it is not-from—concentrate and preservative-free.

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Consequently, many people consume smoothies and juices daily in the UK but in order to fulfill certain customer needs the companies of this sector must divide them into subcategories called segments. Innocent should build a better marketing strategy in order to become better known and focus more on the attraction of potential customers.

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Innocent product consumer

The conception of the consumers sometimes appears by the large sales created by innocent. When a product attains sufficient support, the likelihood of another r bra d growing from the same company aggravates the consumers with an urge of determining the new product in the market therefore increasing the sales. Talking Retail It all started when three friends Rich, Adam and John decided to start a business with making natural and delicious drinks. Disconfirmation model of customer satisfaction Table 6. Moreover, schools around the UK could plan education trips to their factories so students that are their main target will become aware of how these juices are produced and how they recycle materials in order to produce the packaging. The company tries to market its smoothies as natural and sustainable products, thus making the company sustainable, which means that the company has a net positive effect to the world around it Innocent, Good requirements of the marketplace and in order to incorporate full into the marketing matrix innocent has broadened the range of its products from smoothie's fresh fruit juices to deserts. By spreading to customers the activities of this company, customers might start to perceive Innocent as an efficient company, which does not only produce and deliver products and smoothies, but which can also make significant environmental changes. The difficulties that will be observed in this case will be the proven fact that the deserts are not health promotional foods unlike the fresh juice and the pribiotic yoghurt. The company's production is well concerned with this is of the merchandise to the consumer. Factor Proportions and the Structure of Item Trade,. Their smoothies are highly beneficial in terms of health since a single bottle of ml provides 3g of dietary fibre. Innocent scored an average value of 5 for taste and 5 for healthiness on our Linkert scales, compared to an average of 4 and 7 3, respectively, for own brands and 5 and 4, respectively, for Tropicana. The company might need to consider a repositioning in order to ensure future success and a distinctive branding of its product.
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