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In the different departments is if the head is not present then the employees can take the decision.

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I have completed my internship attachment period with Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd. This is followed by drying.

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From simple headache pills to sophisticated antibiotics and complex cardiac compounds, almost every type of medicine is now made indigenously. The only way to penetrate the market is to offer products of consistently high quality. There is an increasing trend in the export of pharmaceuticals that indicates very good prospects for the country. They have to see what is the lead time taken for the raw materials to arrive and accordingly they have place an order with their suppliers. Incepta is now exporting its own manufactured products in 59 countries and expanding. This holisticc approach to life cycle asset management enables vast amounts of asset data to be effectively managed and leveraged at a practical day-to-day day day business level. And more than that, it also develops Human Resource Development Planning reports to expand human capital both for the organization and individual employees itself. Perfect body language the way of communication, talking people with smiling I have learned from Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd. National Bank of Pakistan Passport Office Branch which has been their partner since start assures our track record that we have never been in a state of financial bankruptcy. As a result employees can work with efficiently and employees are working very slowly. The future is wide open and the opportunities Incepta will continue to strive to provide high quality medicine at affordable prices to the people here in Bangladesh and other parts of the globe. For internships for credit, usually a faculty sponsor will work along with the site supervisor to ensure that the necessary learning is taking place. These are the activities carried out in the Accounts and Finance Department which were carried out during my internship period and the above information is in accordance to 24 P a g e my knowledge. There might be more considerate information but whatever I attained from my learning, it is mentioned above. Their systems are updated semi-annually and protected against any shortfalls and virus intrusions allowing us to stay competitive and meet customers need forefront.

The Department truly organizes the accounts and financing needs of the 20 P a g e company. And for every internee single desk was available and specific task had been provided to individuals.

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New delivery system. The personnel and administrative department takes care of the human resource of the company.

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It finds purpose and direction with its strategic intent. Working in IPL as an intern was my first experience where i get the chance of being a part of an organization. It is the core department. They also have got to check the quality of the raw material that arrive in the factory and see if they are of good quality and if the order is complete. When the department revives any bill they post it that means they do the data entering of that bill on a internet based 17 P a g e program which is much more advance than Tally. IPL has provided me knowledge for his. I gain a lot of practical, theoretical functional knowledge. Common belief is that while Indian Pharma fine chemicals companies can continue to position themselves as low cost commodity suppliers, the opportunity is open — through innovation and strategic thinking — to move up the value chain in multiple ways. Personnel and administrative department deals with the most valuable assets of the company; that is the human resource. Next, look for the power button. Brands are currently under registrations in various countries. Moral Marketing Approach Ethical Marketing 2. At the time there were questions about consistent quality, lack of FDA certification and even environmental practices that slowed their progress in international markets. In above Figure shows how a manufactured product passes through the company- owned central warehouse, which supplies it to the CFA or super stockiest. It also helped me to understand how they deal with all documents and transactions as well.

In the context of the pharmaceutical sector, this could mean charging different prices in different countries, depending on the price sensitivity of the national buyer or buyers. This points to a near term slow down in growth in the domestic pharmaceutical market which will impact both pharma companies and the fine chemical supply network.

Masood Shaikh also called a 13 P a g e logistics manager ensures that the right products are delivered to the right place on time and in the most cost-efficient way possible. In any particular company, a management hierarchy is very essential because with the help of a well drafted hierarchy of workforce, it is being possible to effectively evaluate the company strategies, plan the actions to be taken in order to reach the business goals and to divide the organizational functions among the workforce effectively.

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