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Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order Summarise the key themes from the literature The leadership style is something that has huge relevancy with the change management and most importantly it is highly relevant with the two major aspects of change management.

Organizations need to change and innovate in the response of changing environment.

Role of leadership in change management pdf

The conceptual model enables to look at the change process as a whole. These are organizational benefits and not every individual in any organization can get benefits personally from these changes but every individual working in an organization, usually have common goals and objectives and these changes made the organization as a whole stronger, Boston M. Staff people feel highly de-motivated and just feel the restrictions and stress at workplace. The list of essential factors includes the explanation of benefits that could be availed by both company and employees. It cannot be claimed at the point that organizational innovation is a result of any single factor. There are further three phases of organizational change which organizations usually adopt. Different scholars present different theories and discuss the characteristics of leadership.

The world, as we all know right now, talks about, thinks about, and does change management. Leadership Styles.

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The change is usually planned and there are some responses against changes. It is also very important for the organization to manage the demands and expectations of the customers, employees and management; therefore there is always a need for change to meet these expectations.

Kogan Page Publishers. So here the situational leadership style is most idealized and suitable.

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He is also the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership. The continuous improvement and change process both are required to be handled and it could be possible only through aligning with appropriate leadership styles. Ulrich also highlight that change for organizations is necessary to deal with the diversities and the complex market situations Ulrich, The need for organizational change starts when organizational management feels dissatisfaction from the current situation.

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Cognitive change involves altering the way people think about the organization by imagining a new vision, mission and values for the organization Gill,p.

Grint also highlight position problems with the leadership, which explores, is the leader a person in charge?

Role of leadership in change management ppt

Thus in this way these are certain traditional leadership styles which have their impact at the change management process in both negative and positive manner. Further the supportive leadership style is most suitable with the perspective of gaining the vote of confidence from employees. Because change is a natural and inevitable process in organizations, as well as the way for organizational growth and success, leaders should embrace change and assist others in the process. So it is a way of making a big change and keeping it, in a sense, under control. Thus aligning with the leadership qualities is highly required for complete change management process, straight from change identification to monitoring and controlling of change. It is a responsibility of leaders that they need to identify the available opportunities into the business environment and have to make decisions accordingly. Change leadership is much more associated with putting an engine on the whole change process, and making it go faster, smarter, more efficiently. The major area of concern is that once the change has been proposed now the manager need to focus on communicating the change to the staff people and have to take their consent towards the change. None of the project manager can bring change until n unless it is not communicated to the people of company. In accordance with the constantly changing environment of organizations, the dominant organizational discourses should alter how they respond to change.

It must be communicates properly and its pros cons all must be clear to the stakeholders.

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Transformational leadership style and its relationship with change management