Mesopotamia urbanization essay

Rapidly expanding industrial cities could be quite deadly, and were often full of contaminated water and air, and communicable diseases. As surplus production increased and as collective management became more advanced, a process of urbanization evolved and Sumerian civilization took root 2.

Mesopotamia urbanization essay

This typically happens when the society decides that it is more advantageous to settle, rather than migrate. Additional city heat is given off by vehicles and factories, as well as industrial and domestic heating and cooling units.

Urbanization in ancient india

Slum in Glasgow, An example of slum life in an industrial city. The architecture and urbanism of classical civilizations such as ancient Greece and Rome evolved from the ideals of citizens rather than religious or empirical thoughts, and a new type of architecture emerged. Disease often spread through contaminated water supplies. Ubaid culture in the southern part of Mesopotamia BC is at the same time as Halaf culture in the north. In the United States, the largest urban area is New York City, with over 8 million people within the city limits and over 19 million in the urban area. Tuberculosis spread in congested dwellings , lung diseases from mines, cholera from polluted water, and typhoid were all common. Urban Decay Some have suggested that urban sprawl is driven by consumer preference; people prefer to live in lower density, quieter, more private communities that they perceive as safer and more relaxed than urban neighborhoods. Rural flight is exacerbated when the population decline leads to the loss of rural services such as business enterprises and schools , which leads to greater loss of population as people leave to seek those features. Mesopotamia and Egypt were both in flood basins of major rivers. It draws on human ecology theories, which compared the city to an ecosystem, with processes of adaptation and assimilation. Jebidiah Smith states the Izal narrative is evidence for Corean ideals to have been passed and thrived in Sumer BC. Rapid growth brought urban problems, and industrial-era cities were rife with dangers to health and safety. Using this sort of definition, in , the U. Economically, urbanization drives up prices, especially real estate, which can force original residents to move to less-desirable neighborhoods.

A small city of the early modern period might have contained as few as 10, inhabitants. Although some exurbs are quite wealthy even compared to nearer suburbs or the city itself, others have higher poverty levels than suburbs nearer the city.

Race also plays a role in American suburbanization. They are intended to attract business by concentrating dedicated infrastructure to reduce the per-business expenses.

civilization and urbanization

The Tigris and Euphrates river was both a gift and a curse to Mesopotamia. Sociologists have invented several new categories to describe these new types of suburban towns; two of the most notable are ex-urbs and edge cities.

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Urbanization and the Development of Cities