Organic compounds lab report

Add one dropper of a sample to a clean well in the well tray. Wash test tubes thoroughly.

Identification of organic compounds experiment

After the completion of this experiment a better understanding of organic compounds and their respective mediums was achieved. Results The results we received from our experiments showed that egg whites and egg yolks are made up of protein. Marie mill and address limitation with with the current procedure. Moreover, Sudan II was used to determining the presence of lipids. Heating a sample of a crystalline solid increases the kinetic vibrational energy of the atoms, molecules, or ions. We also hypothesized that if a saltine cracker is tested for proteins, lipids, and carbs, then the test will come back positive for starch through the iodine test. The beaker was being boiled by a hot plate. Related Interests. Color change is used to determine if the test is positive or negative, and deciding what color or shade the result is can vary from person to person. The results were all varied given that each individual test, tested for something specific. Data: Reproduce the following data table with your data in your lab report. This allowed the group to put oil on one side of the petri dish and water on the other. The materials were provided by Mrs.

Add drops of Iodine to the sample. Record any changes in color. Furthermore this report will identify recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency and accuracy of future air sampling at the site.

identifying organic compounds lab

Honey, apple juice, and unknown 1 tested positive for sugar. Moreover, Sudan II was used to determining the presence of lipids. What conclusion could you make if a positive test for any of the organic compounds occurred in the distilled water?

Using test tubes filled with either protein, carbohydrate, or lipid rich solutions and an indicator a color change could occur.

Organic chemistry practical manual compound identification

The color changed a very small amount. We decided to test an egg, a common food for many and pertinent to our projects final outcome. It is also gave us nutritional information of eggs that we can use to implement in our own personal diets. Wait five minutes till dry. Sudan III changes colour of corn oil to light orange with fat droplet in it. Introduction The labs conducted tested the samples of saltine cracker and lemonade power for all organic compounds including, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and simple sugars. Common foods, which often consist of plant or animal substances, are combinations of these organic compounds.

Which organic compound is most common in foods that come from animals? This includes all monosaccharides and many disaccharides, including lactose and maltose.

Pre lab 2 organic compounds

Iodine solution iodine dissolved in an aqueous solution of potassium iodide reacts with the starch producing a purple black colour. To test for proteins, fill each test tube with ml of the substance indicated by the label. People with diabetes are instructed to avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Sudan III changes colour of corn oil to light orange with fat droplet in it. All macromolecules contain carbon and hydrogen which are found in organic compounds. The results of the tests could be deciphered either positive or negative by the color change or the lack thereof. Record any changes in your data table.
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Organic Compounds lab