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Other dubious writing practices rewarded by NAPLAN markers include frequently employing the passive voice, never using nouns without accompanying adjectives, and freely appropriating storylines from published works.

The calculation of the spelling mark is particularly farcical.

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Think about yourself or people you have met — use them as inspiration! Try to maintain a balance in the amount of description included in your story.

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As I mentioned earlier, it is important for us to participate in leisure and recreational activities. How to do this?

Here, you will be assessed on how well you follow a correct and effective structure for your piece of writing. Make sure you fully understand the wording of the question and what it is asking you to do. In Narrative writing, you can engage the reader through an exciting and vivid opening, giving a clear sense of setting, initial characterisation and the direction of the plot.

The stories usually merge at the end to create unity. The most common text types here include articles, essays or letters. Similarly, practice writing responses to a range of different questions.

Read it over and over again.

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Although I have talked about the costs that games and toys can incur if not used in moderation, I still believe it is important to allocate some money to such activities, to keep the person in a good frame of mind.

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