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Now, if I diversify Borders into something like Popular, why bother to buy Borders? You also acknowledge that your Submission may not be returned and we may use your Submission, and any ideas, concepts or know how contained therein, for any purpose including, without limitation, developing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing products.

And this is why, in Popular, we are not only selling books. You know what my life aspiration is? That was something very cruel done by one of my staff. POPULAR tries to integrate different kinds of educational products such as electronic dictionaries and school bags into their bookstores.

Popular holdings annual report 2018

Chou: Well, you know I delisted my company. I support the Western culture, bedtime reading. How do I make money? Canada Popular Book Company Canada Limited first published the MathSmart series which quickly became the leading material in the Canadian education and supplementary material market. So I have got to make sure that whoever comes to Popular, whether they have the intention to buy or to browse, walks away and says that it's a unique experience. This is a business that is worth struggling for. In life, it's a matter of survival.

Hong Kong Book Fair has been infused with cultural events to make the Book Fair more attractive to consumers to purchase their materials. And when I banged the table, my son, who doesn't know any better, banged the table too.

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When radio came on, I think a lot of people said that would be the end of newspapers. Because I know I'm living in the real world and am running a business.

popular holdings annual report 2018

It coordinates and publishes the purchase of Chinese books for the bookstores and distribution networks in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. There are a total of 60 bookstore outlets which are evenly distributed around the island, in which more than half of them are school outlets which specifically cater to students.

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