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Challenge and threat are not the same thing.

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Research into human expression of positive emotions is ongoing and will explore more of these areas in years to come. Neuropsychologia, 41, — The poor? Science, You have to examine all the stories, or at least take a fair sample of them, and see if there are more miserable creatives or happy creatives, more miserable noncreatives or happy noncreatives.

Wake up every morning and smile at the fact that you just woke up.

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Student ID photos were analyzed for signs of smiling, and those students were asked whether they had visited a health center in the past year. Hot Topics Today 1. Research conducted by Dimberg in Sweden exposed participants to images of faces while they monitored their facial muscles through electromyographs EMGs. The balls represent their activities and thoughts. The benefits of smiling through grief appear to occur on a biological level as well. All of these participants briefly spoke about their relationship with the person who had recently passed away. The poor? Rich people are happier than poor people. When we think about what would make us happy, we tend to think of intense events—going on a date with a movie star, winning a Pulitzer, buying a yacht. While this held true for all pretty mugs, the activity in this region was even stronger when the face in focus wore a smile. But what is it about being married or having money that makes people happy? These are smiles that engage the muscle around your eyes. They have different origins, but they are not necessarily different in terms of how they feel.

But I have full faith and confidence that you can. One such function, recent evidence suggests, may be to indicate altruism.

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