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Sometimes people watch a movie at home and sometimes they prefer to go out of their house and enjoy some outdoor experience of watching at some cinemas or theaters The black community refuses to speak his name, while white men bribe him with food and sympathy simply to have him retell his grotesque story to shock and delight them.

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There is no celebration of the Ku Klux Klan in Precious. In addition to these memorable things, I recall seeing the movie Precious for the first time in theatres. In other words, we must understand the value of time. People say there is no reason to let your mind wander in a fantasy world when there is much more to learn about the real world. The film is too dark to permit reviewers to easily write off enjoying it, too explosive to permit any responsible critic to ignore it. Both of these films have become landmark classics and contain artistic elements and filming techniques that are still used today. Precious is cooking dinner when the doorbell buzzes they live in a typical run-down New York tenement building- although it is not typical for apartments to have two floors. She becomes part of the system of abuse that put her in that position in the first place.

Mama makes the decision that she will buy them a house. Like many artists, he fathoms his theme intuitively rather than intellectually. At the beginning, Precious is physically and verbally abused by her mother.

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Harlem, Mary continues: she blames Precious for stealing her man, saying that school is of no use for Precious, that Precious is fat and undesirable, and that she should have aborted Precious. The emotions that run through our body feel realer than ever. The abuse and oppression was so traumatic for Precious, she would often dissociate herself from the situation and pretend to be someone else.

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Buddhism and Christianity have the same concepts of the self and human nature The relationship she has with her mother is abusive in …show more content… Another day at Each One Teach One, the receptionist from the front desk comes to the class and calls Precious out of class to find out that her mother is sitting in the lobby, waiting for her, only to find out that her dad passes away die to AIDS.

The movie is a coined a comedy, I guess.

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Precious had some very influential people in her life who may have rescued her living an unfruitful life like her mother But Sidibe is more than an unfamiliar face. When Precious has been reviewed negatively not infrequently by black reviewers , the hostility has been vitriolic indeed. In the morning, before Precious leaves the house, she adjusts herself in the mirror but sees herself in the reflection as a white blond girl. She lives with her mother Mary Jones, who was entropic and abusive to her. Director J. It is used to hydrate, shower, cook, swim, wash clothes, clean, and many other things. Like many artists, he fathoms his theme intuitively rather than intellectually. This resulted in hiring the top percentile in engineers, only to find out that they are overstaffed. It was just like any other morning, I woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed, did my hair and makeup and then hopped in my pickup to drive the minute road from Adel to Lakeview to get school So many times, the elders in our communities are not being socialized. At night Precious looks at a photo album to console herself.

It brings to bear the plight of victims who lose their free will in sexual encounters. If we do not limit our water consumption, we will eventually deplete our supply

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