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Demonstrate language proficiency in the Languages section. Make sure you read the fine print next to the setting, however, to be fully aware of its limitations! So don't sell your personal brand short by using that fuzzy picture from your cell phone or that distant shot of your silhouette on a ski slope. But here's the catch: You need to edit what may be there already. We all know at least one serious amateur bragging about the latest camera kit they picked up at Costco, right? If you're going to engage in any amount of serious profile retooling on LinkedIn, there's one important step you'll want to take right out of the gate. How to Add These Sections to Your Profile To add these sections to your LinkedIn profile, open your profile choose Profile and select Edit Profile from the drop-down menu and look for the Add a Section to Your Profile area beneath the section that contains your profile photo and headline. Check for spelling and grammar errors.

Should I use the "courses" section on LinkedIn? Link to your books, author pages and company content in the Publications section.

Support your causes in the Volunteer section. By default, your headline mimics your current or most recent job title, as well as employer name, which usually isn't the best way to go about things.

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When it comes to being found on LinkedIn, keywords are king. In this strip of space, you can type up to characters describing your professional focus. LinkedIn showcases your top 10 skills based on endorsements so people know where you excel.

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It should walk the reader through your work passions, key skills, unique qualifications and a list of the various industries you've had exposure to over the years. And above all, make sure you're smiling in your photo. Include coursework and extracurriculars. Does it matter what master's courses someone takes? Get Facebook Ads Training—Online! Therefore, if you are fluent in multiple languages, include that information in the Languages section. It's time to reconsider. If you're active on LinkedIn as a college student, "you may be able to be identified as a college student, and as a potential candidate, passively," she says. In this strip of space, you can type up to characters describing your professional focus. I figure it can't hurt. Ask questions in LinkedIn groups. But Williams explains a profile picture could actually work in your favor. Note that certain sections, like Projects and Organizations, allow you to select your occupation at the time you participated in the project or became a member of an organization. If you have a presentation you're especially proud of, or a design project you executed for an internship, include it on your profile to help recruiters visualize what type of talent you bring to the table. As is the case with any professional work, your LinkedIn profile should be error-free.

And that's absolutely a good thing to do if you're using a lot of LinkedIn features. Interested in ways to drive traffic to your website?

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Make sure you read the fine print next to the setting, however, to be fully aware of its limitations! I also recommend inserting your email address somewhere near the end of your summary, unless you're facing confidentiality issues, since this will help interested parties contact you more easily on the system.

Don't just settle on a good profile photo. When you post industry-specific articles, you prove you are passionate, engaged and paying attention to your career of choice. These days, tons of folks share their LinkedIn profile address URL with other people as a key element of their professional contact information, in addition to other time-tested data such as phone number and email address.

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The Best Ways to Incorporate Coursework into your Resume and LinkedIn Page