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Did Maureen use drugs earlier in our story? She tells Tom that Laura thinks he is unhappy. Call me if you have any questions. The play as a whole seems to side with Stella, up until the moment Stanley crosses the line in Scene But his passions are of another sort than those that move Romeo to love and Tybalt to hate. King Hamlet's Ghost reappears to Hamlet, but only Hamlet can see him. Capulet's final line is ironic when he notes the arrival of Paris, "make haste! Does she break down in tears? One can rationalize Hamlet's hysteria over Gertrude's marriage to Claudius in light of the Renaissance notion of family honor and the prevailing definitions of incest, which implicated Gertrude and Claudius. Continued on next page

How could a militant homophobe reveal his true colors? The script does not make clear exactly how much time has passed between Scene Four and the argument that ended Scene Three, but it has been no more than a few days. Beverly stands up and hands Justin back to Maureen.

Louis, but for now he can only escape through the illusions offered by the movie house and the stage magician. When that concern is brushed aside, he states that he will not dance at the feast.

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My first question is whether Maureen is actually hiding anything. Tom is always dreaming of fantastic places far from St.

The two engage in a verbal exchange that possesses the breathless engagement of foreplay, and Hamlet then presses himself onto his mother in an overtly sexual way. This is an unspoken, elephant-in-the-room consequence that both the characters, and we the audience, are aware of. Blanche had spent the night worried sick about Stella, but the conflict of the previous night was forgotten by its participants as soon as they were back in each other's arms. Amanda feels that she suffers and struggles for the sake of her children, and that her efforts go unappreciated by Tom. Though thoughtful, Benvolio does not have the quick wit for such behavior. The speech itself reveals this dichotomy. Each line of this exchange can be read in two ways — is Stella saying Blanche should drop her attitude as she knows she's not wanted at the Kowalskis' flat? When Laura expresses doubt that her brother could really have been at the movies all this time, Tom tells her about the length of the program and the magician that he went to see. It doesn't matter whether or not Blanche understands, because all that matters to Stella is her relationship with Stanley.

Analysis The Capulet house bustles with activity as the family feverishly prepares for the wedding ceremony. But your scene, as written, suggests that Maureen is doing a pretty good job right now.

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This fall symbolizes her inability to fend for herself in the outside world, and the ultimate hopelessness of her situation.

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