Secrets to writing a great resume

As you may know, Your Curriculum Vitae CV is the document presenting you and all your skills to the employer. Not only will this give you an opportunity to use the keywords robots love, but it also will force you to put some serious thought into your elevator pitch, Esposito says.

Not sure what those keywords are? Make sure you use some of the exact words and phrases that appear in the job post, and include any and all technology programs, software applications, and certifications that may be included in a set of search terms.

If you want yours to be selected as the best, it needs to be outstanding.

resume writing examples

Focus on what sets you apart: What special things did you do to set yourself apart in previous jobs? Before hitting send, you should do everything you can to make your resume stand out. You should also include the promise of the value you will bring to a potential employer.

Show off without exaggerating. What challenges or problems did you face and overcome? At all times, effective applications keep the needs of the reader—not the writer—at the center of the story.

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7 Resume Secrets for More Interviews