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One of the first actions that evacuees took is establishing school system. They lost many rights along with it and their property was confiscated as well even though the Canadian government promised that they would receive their property back after the war was over It was a sad situation that America seems to hide because there is no way to justify what they did.

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Even though Japanese Americans largely considered themselves loyal and even patriotic Americans, suspicions about their loyalties were pervasive. After the report of a spy being in Hawaii the United States decided that they would not take any chances and had made a suggestion of eliminating all of the Japanese Americans in the United States It still remains hidden in history memory.

Okubo colorfully illustrates the dramatic adjustment of lifestyle that Japanese-Americans had to make during the war. It left the world devastated, with over sixty million people dead.

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Background I. Their archives of original newspaper articles are the basis of this research document. The Japanese Americans faced many hardships. He was furloughed to help his mother and family prepare for their evacuation. By signing the order, President Roosevelt directed the secretary of war to put certain zones under military power. During World War II, the government crossed the line between defending the nation and violating human rights, when it chose to relocate Japanese residents to internment camps Org essay explaining your answers to document the atrocities they prepared for the internment camps. Disloyal Japanese Americans no longer had a way to assist the Japanese Sonia. The internment of around 50, Japanese citizens and approximately 70, Japanese-American people born in the U. These immigrants traveled to American hoping to be free, acquire jobs, and for some a chance to start a new life The government claimed that incarceration was for military necessity and, ironically, to "protect" Japanese Americans from racist retribution they might face as a result of Pearl Harbor. With essays that the japanese americans in

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World War II: Internment of Japanese Americans