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Students have been given charts, sample sentences and practice on this it is in their interactive notebooks.

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Chameleons and coleoids can change to many different colors, while possums play dead and make their body rigid. At recess I play.

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You can retype it here or you can delete the text on this slide and then just copy and paste the text box from the original Lesson Objective slide and then edit it to make it past tense! These animals can change more than color or body shape, they can even change their texture!

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Turtles use pink, worm-like tongue to lure fish. Thank you. The Quiz will be on Friday Nov. They all have notes on these in their interactive notebooks. Each extension activity should push the students a bit further with the lesson but in a different application or context. They have notes in their interactive notebooks to review as well as, they may sign out a textbook if they wish. The quiz is Thursday the 9th. They all know the format for the quiz. All students should review prepositions for a pop quiz. Keep it as short and student-friendly as possible. Each sentences needs to have a verb phrase with a main verb and a helping verb. Use the same vocabulary and process you used in the original lesson. Mimicry happens when animals look, smell, or sound different. We learn a lot.

With these steps clearly outlined, you can model your thought process and help students practice the skill. They all know the format for the quiz. LearnZillion Notes: --Write the 2nd step here. Mimicry happens when animals look, smell, or sound different.

And watch Edmodo video on Adverbs 9.

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They can choose to change hair and skin colors at will.

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