Writing and solving linear equations

writing and solving linear equations worksheet

And the right hand side, 20 divided by 5 is 4, and we would have solved it. If you remember when you're multiplying fractions, you can simplify it like that. It is the only solution and, therefore, we have solved a conditional equation.

writing and solving linear equations

Like the first two triangles, this information can be written as a linear equation by summing the three, unknown angles. We could say we just divide both sides of this equation by 5, in which case, the left hand side, those two 5's will cancel out, we'll get x.

Though this problem contains mixed numbers, we can still solve it just like before by writing a linear expression.

One angle is fourteen more than half a number. Since they're unknown values and all the same we can just use the variable 'x' to represent each angle. It was all just a scheme to have a surprise party!?

unit 4 lesson 5 solving any linear equation answer key
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Writing and Solving Linear Equations